Madhumita Raut, daughter and disciple of Guru Mayadhar Raut, and Aadya’s immediate Guru, is the torchbearer of the Guru Mayadhar Raut Paddhati of Odissi. An intense and spontaneous dancer, she has also emerged as a dedicated scholar and a passionate guru.
Continuing the traditions set by her Guru, in the true sense of the Guru-Shishya Parampara, Madhumita teaches and dances with a strict adherence to the Mayadhar Raut Paddhati (Gharana), known for its grace, depth of expression and technical perfection.
A committed and keen scholar Madhumita is the author of a landmark book on Odissi- ‘Odissi What Where and How’. With the support of the Government of India fellowship and Delhi government’s Scholarship, Madhumita’s academic mind continues to delve deep into the research and specifics of Odissi.
Madhumita is the force behind the next generation of extensively trained Odissi dancers of the Mayadhar Raut Paddhati of dance. Her students are now established dancers in their own right. In her quest to promote and propagate Odissi, Madhumita has performed in over 29 countries, has composed and choreographed both traditional and contemporary works and teaches widely in New Delhi, Germany, Holland, U.S.A and Japan.

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