Guru Mayadhar Raut is one such Guru. The history of Odissi over the last sixty years is the story of his life and work. He is the source of a distinct style of Odissi known as the Mayadhar Raut Paddhati. His dance style is Bhava Pradhan i.e. Abhinaya is predominant. Guruji’s compositions are known for the intricacies of dance, subtlety of thought and an extensive use of Mudras.

A great thinker and a profound scholar, Guruji’s dance compositions are multilayered and have a number of discreet nuances.
As one of the founder members of Jayantika, an organization formed in the 1950’s, Guruji is played a major role in giving Odissi its classical status. He has enriched the Odissi repertoire with a number of creative innovations such as the study of the Mudra usage in Odissi, and the introduction of the Shringara Rasa Ashtapadis from the Geet Govinda. He also introduced the Sanchari Bhava to Odissi.
True to the spirit of the ancient Indian traditions, Guruji has never sought out the limelight. In spite of having trained a galaxy of prominent Gurus and dancers, Guruji leads a quite and meditative life. A multifaceted philosopher, personification of simplicity and honesty, an exacting teacher, he is forever in the pursuit of perfection. Teaching and sustaining the Guru-Shishya Parampara, he continues to be the high priest of Indian Classical Dance.